Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cooperative Sips? Well, Maybe...

And ranking right up there in the Top Ten of All Time Silliness here come My Other Half Wine Glasses – also know as cooperative wine glasses. As shown, this matched pair is connected via tubing at the bottom – which, by the law of gravity, means liquid always flows down to the lowest glass. Presents a few dilemmas while sipping for sure, but is just so ridiculous we thought we’d pass it on.

Responding to the apparently looming question “And how will this definitely non-Riedel stemware affect the romance of sipping wine on a hot date?” (clearly something the couple shown below are not exactly on just at this moment)from the site we found, among others, these comments:

Camaro02 says: Okay, that means that when I go out on a date with a short girl, she will get hammered. So if I do not want my date getting hammered I have to find a tall girl. If anyone knows of any tall, geek-loving girls in the Chicagoland area please let me know. I will supply the wine and dinner.

BayTraveler responds: If you fill both glasses and someone lifts their glass the other glass over flows. You won't be able to put more into both glasses than one glass would hold unless you both drink at the same time. Tall chicks are over rated. Go short - there's much to be said for micro-dates.

And here are words of wisdom from Watersketch: This is why real geeks always bring binder clips to a date, just in case...

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