Sunday, October 31, 2010

The WSET / ISG Challenge

Introducing something new at Blanc-de-Noir. In response to overwhelming demand by sommeliers in training, Frank’s compiled an extensive list of practice test questions, and he’s going to share them.

Now whether you’re studying for you Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) rating, or you’re an International Sommelier Guild (ISG) student, or you simply can’t resist a good

challenge, we figure you’re going to love testing your wits and wine savvy against Frank’s sometimes easy, sometimes downright devious questions.

So here’s the scoop. Every Monday, we’ll post two practice questions – one easy, the other not so easy. These are the type of multiple choice you can expect when you write the exams, meaning you’ll get 24 hours to think, ponder, and decide. Tuesdays, we’ll post the answers. Coming soon, we’ll also be offering special bonus packages of 50 questions per month to people who subscribe to Blanc-de-Noir.

Thursday or Friday, sometimes both days, we’ll also add a regular post so you can keep updated on all the cool wine events we’re attending, as well as find out more about our favourite new discoveries and industry updates.

Here comes our first challenge… should you wish to accept it.

1. The classic region for Chenin Blanc is:

a. Burgundy

b. Loire Valley

c. Alsace

d. Germany

2. In South Africa, Chenin Blanc is known as:

a. Pinotage

b. Steen

c. Cape Riesling

d. Crouchen Blanc

Let us know how you do. Answers will be posted Tuesday.

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