Sunday, December 26, 2010

The WSET / ISG Challenge Number 7: A Medley of Miscellany

Happy Boxing Day to all our readers. We hope you indulged in some wonderful times with friends and family yesterday, and that your celebrations included some equally wonderful vintages. This week, Frank’s chosen a couple of miscellaneous questions to test your skills. Tune in tomorrow for answers.
What is a Reichenstenier?
  1. A grape variety
  2. A QWPSR in Germany
  3. A village in the Rheingau
  4. A village in the Rheinhessan

Edelfavle is what?
  1. A bereich in the Rheingau
  2. A field blend from Alsace
  3. Noble Rot
  4. A synonym for Riesling used in the Rheingau
FYI: The picture above left is a field in the Rheingau region, below right is a village in Alsace that was simply too pretty not to show you. As always, these are actual practice questions from Frank’s WSET and ISG studies. Let us know how you’re enjoying them and using them.
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