Sunday, January 16, 2011

The WSET / ISG Challenge Number 10: Fortified Wines

Prized by the British as an aperitif, Sherry and Madeira are the topic for this week’s

challenge. According to Emile Peynaud (shown right) in his definitive book, The Taste of Wine, fortification is:

a method of preserving wine and protecting it from attack by bacteria. As alcohol of 16 to 18 degrees will kill most bacteria it is no longer necessary to take so much care to keep the wine from oxygen contact and it can be exposed to air in partially full barrels. This method of storage promotes what is known as oxidative ageing. The wine develops an oxidative bouquet, characterized by aldehydic compounds smelling of quince, apple, dried nuts butter, rancio and Madeira. It is this type of ageing that led Pasteur to say “oxygen makes the wine.”

Which grape variety is most commonly used in the production of Fino Sherry?

1. Pedro Ximénez

2. Parellada

3. Pais

4. Palomino

Which one of the following Madeira grape varieties would be made into the driest style of wine?

1. Sercial

2. Verdelho

3. Baul

4. Malmsey

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FYI: As always, these are actual practice questions from Frank’s WSET and ISGstudies. Let us know how you’re enjoying them and using them. Salude!

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