Friday, February 02, 2007

Drink Wine, Get Rich

Here’s a gem we hope you’ll love as much as we did. A recent study by the Reason Foundation reveals the astonishing fact that people who drink earn more money than those poor souls who don’t. Between 10% and 14% more to be precise. Better yet, social drinkers typically have even higher incomes than people who stay home when they indulge.

According to the study, sipping at a pub or bar enhances your “social capital” which increases your potential of landing a better than average job. So how’s this quoted directly from the authors? “According to our hypothesis, drinking and socializing is a potentially productive investment that positively influences future earnings.” Right on.

And guess what guys, us women increase our odds even more than you – among full-time workers, men who drink earn 19% above their tee-totaling counterparts, women earn an additional 23%.

So cheers to the folks who just gave us yet another great “Reason” to pop a cork. Thanks boys and here’s to getting rich.

PS: The entire study, Why Drinkers Earn More Money Than Nondrinkers, can be found online at

Frank’s Note:

Not only richer but sexier too. Checkout and go to January 22, 2007. Then as Alder suggests, “Now go out there and be sexy!”

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Victoria said...

Intresting, another reason, aside from health reason, to have this wonderful beverage.
Did they really know what was the chicken and the egg though? Let's say you earn more money to start with, and there for you can afford to have a drink in the bar or buy that nice bottle to enjoy with dinner?