Sunday, February 11, 2007

Vintage Haiku

It's true - sometimes we discover things in our inboxes and have absolutely no idea where they came from. Sometimes they're educational, sometimes they're just pure fun. Like these Vintage Haikus we thought were worth sharing.Enjoy.

Bridlewood Estate Reserve Shiraz 2002 (California)
A bit new age-y:
Fruity adult lollipop
In a catcher’s mitt.

Molly Dooker ‘The Boxer’ Shiraz 2005 (Australia)

A laughing monster
Rip roaring fat and muscle
Hundred pound baby

Gristina Merlot 2000 (Long Island)
A sweet, windswept thing.
Long Island October chill
Route for the home team.

Vale Da Torre 2004 (Portugal)
Wine from Portugal
Is a unique animal.
This one barks a bit

McPherson Murray Darling Merlot 2003 (Australia)
Fills the mouth quickly
And feels healthy going down:
Leisure Set sports drink.

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