Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Countdown to Exam

Tonight was Frank’s final class before his WSET advanced level exam. Swirl, smell, sip, repeat. Six wines later, his instructor says, “you really need to drink more red wine.” Ah ha, some small measure of vindication for my love of in-your-face, tooth staining, bold, red tannins.

But how come my Math or Chemistry instructors never gave me this kind of direction? Did I miss something between the atomic weights of hydrogen and ununoctium, between differential calculus and the trigonometry of architecture? Maybe I should force myself to read the book filled with formulas for blending wines and equations for malolactic fermentation and other techno “stuff” that Frank can actually remember. Then again, maybe not. Think I’ll just stick to contributing to his studies by opening a few more bottles of reds we haven’t tried yet and pouring.

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