Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Perfect Pairings: Amarone Intentions

I’ve been feeling under a bit pressure over the last few days. An astonishing number of people have been inquiring how our lady did with the Amarone pairing – the pairing being herself with the wine.

So far, I’ve resisted recounting the tale of how it all worked out because what you, our readers, probably don’t realize is that I would really like to live a little longer. By not sharing this info, the lady in question will not kill me or attempt to remove body parts I have been accustomed to having. However, she is currently off on holidays and will not likely be reading the blog for a few days. So I’ll take a chance and share what information I have – as long as you all promise not to tell her I let the story out.

When we last left her, she had in her possession not one but two bottles of Amarone to help fuel some serious amorous intentions. A semi-unsuspecting gentleman was coming over for dinner. He probably thought it was going to be a nice relaxing evening. Poor soul. Knowing the lady’s state of mind, the chances of him getting out of there before dawn were somewhat less than nil. Little did even I know he wasn’t going to be getting out of there for a few days.

Now you need to appreciate that the wine and the woman both have a whole lot of character and style. This was probably one of my better pairings, though usually I am thinking about pairing food with wine. Still, isn’t this is really what wine is all about? To find the perfect match, to share special moments, to mark a time and place and people coming together? Happy holidays guys. And I didn’t tell anyone anything – not really.

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