Friday, November 26, 2010

A Quintet of Wines To Try

For fun, today we’re talking about a few of the wines we’ve come across recently either at tastings or by happy circumstance.

Castillo de Monseran: Grenacha, Carinena DO



An excellent, easy to drink wine at a particularly attractive price point. Typical Grenache flavors of red berry fruit with some black cherry – very juicy, a little spicy with good acidity. Good food wine. Alcohol: 12.5%. Available in most liquor stores.

South Africa


This one was probably the most controversial wine at a recent South World Wine Society tasting. The notes say “gooseberry, figs, tropical fruit, and a hint of grass.” However on the night of the event descriptors were quite different and ranged from “asparagas and green pea with a hint of slate” to “chili – definitely chili” to “a dust storm in my glass – or did they just forget to wash the glasses?” One thing for sure, this is not your typical Sauvignon Blanc. If you find some, let us know your thoughts. Available in Vancouver at the brand new Legacy Liquor Store in the Olympic Village.

Domaine St Damien 2009 Cote de Rhone



Another solid value at the price point, especially being from the Cote de Rhone. A blend of Syrah and Cinsaut with a little Grenache, this wine is very full bodied with blue and red fruits and licorice. No filtering and no fining. Parker points 90-92. Alcohol: 15.1%. Available in Vancouver from Marquis Wines.

Velenosi Villa Angela Pecorino



Fantastic value for when you want something a little different to go with seafood or Asian cuisine. Crisp, refreshing, and with an appealing touch of slate, this was a big hit at a recent fund raiser tasting in the Sutton Hotel. Proceeds went to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. FYI: the reason why this variety shares its name with a well-known cheese remains uncertain, but could refer to the seasonal movements of shepherds and their flocks in those regions where this grape variety grows. Available in Vancouver at the Sutton Place Wine Merchant.

Vieux Telegraphe 2006 Chateaneuf de Pape



Made from 65%Grenache noir, 15%Mourvèdre, 15%Syrah, and 5% Cinsault, Clairette and others, this wine is just so delicious. Full bodied and dark red to ruby color. Spicy with incense, lavender, pepper, plus copious quantities of black cherry and raspberry fruit. Old vines, hand picked, and no fining. The family has been making wines for over 100 years. Parker points 90-93. Alcohol: 14.5%. Available in Vancouver from Marquis Wines.

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