Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The WSET / ISG Challenge Number Five

The Italian white wine known as Gavi is made from which grape?

  1. Trebbianno
  2. Cortese
  3. Arneis
  4. Mocscato de Asti

This one may have been a little difficult. These are all white grapes, so it’s a little harder to rule them out one by one. Trebbianno might have been a good guess, but although it is planted all over Italy, true Trebbianno is not planted in cool north. Arneis is usually labeled as a varietal. Moscato de Asti was a free one; it has its own DOC. That leaves Cortese as being the choice. Jancis Robinson considers Gavi to be Piedmont's most interesting expression of this grape.

What Italian wine region produces all three of the following wines: Spanna, Arneis, and Brachetto?

  1. Piedmont
  2. Umbra
  3. Tuscany
  4. Veneto

This one should have been easy. Arneis is not planted elsewhere in Italy except Piedmont, it

has been known as Barolo Bianco. Nebbiolo is also known as Spanna in the eastern part of Piedmont (shown right). Brachetto is the aromatic light red variety, which makes a light red fizzy style of wine, a red version Of Moscato d’Asti.

FYI: These are actual practice questions from Frank’s WSET and ISG studies. Let us know how you’re enjoying them and using them.

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